Why Become A Coversure Franchisee?

Coversure Guildford’s Ferg McCall Shares His Reasons

There are many reasons why entrepreneurial insurance brokers choose to become a Coversure franchise holder.  Coversure gives insurance professionals the opportunity and freedom to be their own bosses while building successful businesses of their own.

The Coversure model also comes with a built-in exit strategy through Coversure buying franchisee’s businesses.  This means, unlike some insurance broker networks, that franchisees can personally benefit from the value that they have built up over the years of being a franchisee.

Why Become A Coversure Franchisee?

In recent years we have seen a shift in the reasons why people enquire about becoming a Coversure franchise holder.  For some, a big part of wanting to be their own boss and run their own franchise is so they can fulfill a great lifestyle in terms of work-life balance while enjoying significant financial rewards.

Post-pandemic, more and more people have decided that there is more to life than work and have sought opportunities that offer security and freedom.  Becoming a Coversure franchisee gives insurance professionals a great opportunity to do just that.  They can work hard at times to suit them so that they can devote time to other priorities in their lives as the need arises.

Typically a franchisee can earn up to 20% in average commission earnings, with many established offices earning far more than that.  Essentially franchisees can build scale or alternartively build a business of lifestyle where they can also have the freedom to achieve the work-life balance they would like.

A great example of this new breed of Coversure franchise holders is Ferg McCall of Coversure Guildford.  Ferg opened his office in the summer of 2022 and has got off to a flying start, and he’s realising his ambition of owning a successful brokerage while making time for the other priorities in his life.

We spoke to Ferg to find out if becoming a Coversure franchisee has lived up to his expectations.  Spoiler alert!  ‘It really has been the best decision.’

Q. You’re a relatively new Coversure franchisee; how are you finding running your own insurance broker?

A. It really has been the best decision. It came at a time in my career when I felt ready to do it.  The support I have had from friends with businesses and local clients has been amazing.  In a short period, I have built up a healthy book and have my clients to thank for that

Q. You had a successful career as an employed broker before coming to Coversure.  What made you want to start on your own?

A. In all honesty, the time was right. Having worked for brokers and MGAs in the past, I felt that I had acquired the skills to run my own company.


“There is no point being successful if you don’t enjoy what you have created” Ferg McCall


Q. Many of our franchisees choose us as they want the better work-life balance/the flexibility that being your own boss can offer.  Was that important to you?

A. It was certainly one of the main factors which swayed my decision to become self-employed. Time is precious, and getting that balance right is important to me.  There is no point being successful if you don’t enjoy what you have created.  Another reason is the variety of markets you get access to through Coversure

Q.Coversure has helped hundreds of talented brokers start their own insurance brokerage, so we know it can be scary starting on your – especially when you have a family and financial commitments.  How have you found the transition from employed broker to business owner?

A. All in all, this has been a relatively smooth process. The hardest thing about it is your many different roles in the business.  I have managed large teams but also worked in much smaller teams, so I know what is involved, but nothing can slow the time down

Q. A major attraction for many new franchisees was the prospect of keeping the income they have generated.  Was this a significant factor in the decision to become a franchisee?

A. Of course. With fewer moving parts, it is easy to see outgoings versus income.  It’s about being in control of your own destiny, as they say

Q. The future and succession plans always seem so far away; however, building a successful business must give you many more options, not just short and mid-term, but long-term too?

A. There are so many things to consider. Obviously, short-term decisions need to making quickly while considering the impact they can have on your business if you get it wrong.  While we never know what is around the corner, planning for the future needs to be mapped out – employing the right people, year-on-year growth, additional locations, etc

Q. Additional locations? Are you already considering opening more Coversure offices and creating an empire?

A. Ha! Not sure about an empire, but a second office is certainly something I’d consider.  Everything’s gone brilliantly so far, and having spoken to people like John Palmer, who owns multiple offices, I’m thinking, yeah, why not?

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