Insurance Professionals:

Open An Insurance Brokers

Many insurance brokers dream of opening a brokerage. The idea of taking control of their future, of dramatically increasing their earnings, and of building a business they can either hand down or sell on is a hugely appealing one.

Sadly, too many talented brokers are put off the idea through fear. The fear of leaving a salaried job, fear of being alone, fear of not having essential agencies, and a fear of failure. This is a crying shame as for those with the energy and entrepreneurial desire to succeed, there’s a simple way to overcome these fears and realise their dream: by becoming a Coversure franchise holder.

Coversure: Creating Successful Brokerages Since 1986

Coversure has been creating successful independent insurance brokerages since 1986. We’ve helped scores of talented insurance professionals overcome their fears and take control of their future. Providing an extensive range of high-quality support services – everything from agencies to marketing, compliance to business development – has allowed us to set our franchisees up for success.

Coversure Franchisees: Always Independent, Never Alone

While our franchisees are independent business owners who are free to follow their own paths to success, they are never alone. In addition to offering a comprehensive range of centralised support services, we’re always there when they need us. Our experienced Franchise Development Team is on hand to offer business advice and practical support, while our 90-plus strong community of franchisees is happy to share the benefit of their experience. This combination of formal and informal backing enables our franchisees to overcome any challenges they may face and grow their businesses.

With the average Coversure office now earning over £200,000 per year and with an average franchisee tenure of more than 11 years, ours is a recipe for success.

Comprehensive Business Support

As a business, we’re committed to offering our customers the finest insurance service. Whether they’re business customers – 80% of our book is commercial – or personal lines, we aim to provide the best products backed by the best service. To facilitate this, we aim to free our franchisees from as many day-to-day concerns as we can so that they can concentrate on serving their customers’ needs and growing their business. That’s why all Coversure franchises receive comprehensive business support, including:

  • Markets and products – including agencies with key insurers such as Aviva, Covea and RSA
  • Client money and accounting services
  • Risk and compliance advice
  • A bespoke broking system
  • IT support
  • Personalised marketing advice and a programme of centralised marketing activities
  • HR consultancy
  • Mergers and acquisitions help should you wish to grow through acquisitions

Are You Ready To Live The Dream?

We’ve helped scores of insurance professionals – everyone from Account Executives, Insurance Agents, and Branch Managers – become successful franchisees. While we know the prospect of starting your own brokerage can be daunting, we also know how rich the rewards can be and that with our recipe for success, the sky’s the limit.

With Insurance Age proclaiming the dawning of a new golden age for local independent insurance brokers, now’s the time to make your dream a reality.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a Coversure franchise holder and taking control of your future, please get in touch. You can call 07833 471393