Coversure Guildford’s Ferg McCall Shares His Reasons There are many reasons why entrepreneurial insurance brokers choose to become a Coversure franchise holder.  Coversure gives insurance professionals the opportunity and freedom to be their own bosses while building successful businesses of their own. The Coversure model also comes with a built-in exit strategy through Coversure buying … Read more

Starting an insurance brokerage is the ultimate ambition for many brokers.  Reaching the rewards of their efforts, having the freedom to choose which markets they work in, and building a business they can sell or pass on all make for an attractive proposition.  So, how can you start an insurance brokerage? In this latest blog … Read more

John Palmer is one of Coversure’s great success stories.  John joined us in 2015 from A-Plan to set up Coversure Poole and went on to acquire Coversure Weymouth in 2018 and Coversure Maidstone in 2022.  In his video for the 2021 British Franchise Awards, John explains why he chose Coversure over other routes to open … Read more

When you become a Coversure franchise holder, you not only become the master of your destiny but begin an exciting journey that can last for decades. Many of our franchisees have built up significant businesses over the years and remain some of Coversure’s greatest advocates. One of these is Frazer Lewis of Coversure Kidderminster. Frazer … Read more

Many employed insurance brokers dream of opening their own brokerage. The lure of being their own boss, of reaping the rewards of their efforts and of building a business they can one day sell or hand-down is an attractive proposition. For some, however, concerns over leaving paid employment and how quickly they can create an … Read more

Starting your own business is an amazing, life-changing decision. Overnight you become your own boss and the master of your own destiny. There are of course challenges associated with such a move – especially for would-be independent insurance brokers. Access to markets, keeping up with compliance regulations, accounts and marketing, all these functions are suddenly … Read more

Many insurance brokers dream of opening a brokerage. The idea of taking control of their future, of dramatically increasing their earnings, and of building a business they can either hand down or sell on is a hugely appealing one. Sadly, too many talented brokers are put off the idea through fear. The fear of leaving … Read more

Coversure has been helping ambitious and entrepreneurial insurance professionals establish profitable brokerages since 1986. Thanks to our extensive range of support services – everything from insurer’ agencies to compliance – we provide the perfect platform for building profitable businesses. Unlike some insurance networks, however, Coversure has never been in the business of opening offices for … Read more